That through the different school activities and academics as well. Our students will be drawn to aspire for a meaningful life and desire. To respond to take in solving the many issues that confronts them.

To live out the values learned such as:

  • Peace
  • Integrity of Creation
  • Solidarity
  • Equality
  • Respect to life and Human Dignity
  • Non-violence approach in solving conflicts/problems

History of Saint Peter of Verona

In the year of 1965, Sacred Heart of Jesus Parochial School (SHJPS) was established in Hermosa Bataan. After thirty one years of operations, the school met its unfortunate closure in 1996-TO BE JUST A PRELUDE TO A NEW BEGINNING.

Call it destiny or fate but the whole scholars of Hermosa, confused, abandoned and homeless seemed certain of the rebirth of SHJPS.

The desire for the education centering for values formation, especially for the youth of Hermosa, only intensified during the two years that lapsed sine the closure of SHJPS.

Responsive to the intensifying clamor or the re-opening of SHJPS, most Rev. Celso N. Guevarra, D.D.,The residential Bishop of Balanga instructed Rev. Fr. Florencio P. Braga, the incumbent parish priest of Hermosa at that time and Rev. Fr. Wilfredo B. Fabros, Diocesan schools superintendent to ascertain the pulse of the parish community.

The re-opening of SHJPS was approved by the Bishop and the board of Consultors but because of the unfinished court proceedings regarding SHJPS and the cancellation of the Government Recognition of the school, it failed to open by June 1998. To avoid any complication involving the reopening of SHJPS, the Diocese decided to establish a totally new school. An annex of St. John Academy of Dinalupihan was opened in Hermosa and permission to operate was granted by the Department of Education.

After a year, SJA-Annex became Saint Peter of Verona Academy; naming it after the patron Saint of Hermosa. On its second year, SPVA turned to be the heart of schools in Hermosa, under the administration of the SFIC Sister. After four years of dedicated service, the school favored with the trust and respect of the community. The population increased year after year. In the year 2003-2004, pre-elementary level was opened. New two storey building for the elementary was built and also additional rooms for high school department, since the first year students increased into four sections.

As a Catholic institution, with the help of the local church in the diocese, the school tried to give the best quality education to the youth, applying holistic approach for their total formation as a person.

It was also a great help to many of the freshmen students to be given the opportunity to be ESC/EVS grantee. The assistance for the private education from the government is usually received upon the confirmation of all the students at the middle of the year.

The School continues to implement BEC and all the textbooks are BEC based, Extra- curricular activities are aimed to multiple intelligence development spearheaded by their respective subject teachers. It is a venue for the students’ higher level of competitions by bringing representatives to Diocesan School contest in all subjects. Also, the student participated in district sports contest, an many of them were chosen to be district delegates for provincial meet and CLARA in Palarong Pambansa. Furthermore, students are involved in community activities and outreached program that would deepen their social awareness and commitment.

SPVA in its current year caters pre- elementary, elementary, secondary education; with air condition rooms, laboratories as well- improved facilities.

Saint Peter of Verona Academy, after 9 years, is a dream brought into reality and its existence continuous the noble mission of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parochial School. Along the history, SPVA remain flawless and untrained despite of its many challenges which makes him strong and visible in salvific mission of Christ In the church.

Now, in its 17th years’ service to the youth of Hermosa, Bataan, the school has unstoppable flow of students who wants to have this quality of education centering of values formation rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The administration realizes its need for expansion: additional rooms for more students. Since all the private Catholic school in Diocese of Balanga are owned by the Diocese, Bishop Ruperto E. Santos,D.D. is trying to do his best to respond to need SPVA, to be of more service to the people of Hermosa, and to the disciples, let us together and continue offer PRAISE and THANKSGIVING to the ALMIGTHYGOD who called us to build new heaven and earth " in His chosen town" the town of "beautiful creation!"

Philosophy of Catholic Education

As herald of the Gospel, Christ first of all proclaims the Kingdom that is God’s rule… The church exists in order to evangelize… In the Church’s mind, to evangelize means to bring the Good News to every sphere of the human, so that its influence may work within humankind to transform it… The church evangelizes when she strives solely by the divine power of the message she proclaims, to transform the hearts of each and every one, along with their activities, their lives and their whole environment. The Church is not interested merely in preaching Gospel to ever wider geographical areas. She wishes to touch and transform, by the Gospel’s power, all the standards of judgment, the reigning values, the interests, the patterns of thinking, the motives and ideals of humankind which are now in disaccord with God’s word and his plan of salvation ( Evangelicum Nuntiandi ).

Catholic educational instructions are among the most necessary and potent means of evangelization (PCP 11, 623). The educational mission of the church is an integrated ministry embracing three interlocking dimensions: the message revealed by God ( didache ) which the church proclaims; fellowship in the life of Holy Spirit ( koinonia ); service to the Catholic Christian community and the entire human community ( diakonia ). Each educational institution under the Church’s tutelage is obliged to contribute to the realization of threefold purpose within the total educational ministry.

Vision of the Diocesan Schools of Bataan

We envision each school of the Diocese to be an educational Christian community which integrates the gospel of Jesus Christ into the life of its members and which offers quality education that will fully develop their human potentials.

Mission of the Diocesan Schools of Bataan

1. To provide the total Christian formation of the youth that will lead them to a deeper knowledge and to a closer imitation of the life and mission of Jesus Christ.
2. To provide those various faith experience that will produce Catholics who understand and practice their religion.
3. To provide communal activities that will enable the faculty and the students to become individuals who can lead, relate, and respond to the needs of the community and environment.
4. to provide competent teachers and instructional facilities that will prepare the students academically for their chosen career/vocation.

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