History of St. James Catholic School of Morong

The former Roman Catholic Bishop of Balanga, Most Rev. Socrates B. Villegas, with the end in mind that "Every Catholic in Bataan, a "HERO" where H stands for holiness, E for Evangelization, R for relationship of love, and O for openness to receive and to give, conceived of St. James Catholic School of Morong to be a vehicle for the Christian faithful of Morong, Bataan. Holiness is learned and lived by when there is relationship of love, there is always that openness to receive God’s love and grace and is then given; out of the abundance of the heart, one gives. These all happen in the evangelization process. And this is where St. James Catholic School of Morong sees itself; Schola caritatis, schola virtutis, schola sanctitatis- a school of love, a school of virtues, a school of holiness.

The school is run and administered by the Diocese of Balanga and a member of the Diocese Schools of Bataan (DSOB). As a Diocesan School, it operates in line with a vision-mission of Diocese. It is located in the Our Lady of the Pillar Parish because according to the Christian Tradition, Our Lady appeared to him and gave him the assurance that she would always be a pillar for him in times of difficulties. It opened and serviced the people of God in Morong 2008.

Vision-Mission Statement

Guided by the ideals of the Diocesan Schools of Bataan. St. James Catholic School of Morong envisions itself to be provider of a Socially Relevant and Transformative Education by producing Bright and Upright Students through Integration of Faith, Science and the Arts and by fostering a culture of Excellence.
The Institution, therefore, commits itself to:
1. Offer Secondary Education which is up-to-date and at par with the current standard curriculum.
2. Create an atmosphere conducive for learning and formation of its personnel and students;
3. Make use of state-of-the-art facilities and technologies necessary for the attainment and development of skills and capabilities both of personnel and students.
4. Recruit and hire personnel whose training and competencies can meet the demands and expectations of contemporary secondary education efficiency and effectively;
5. Incorporate in all learning processes that Christian virtues and values of faith and truthfulness, active charity and service, harmonious and responsible citizenship.
6. Facilitate and instill in its personnel and students the sense of excellence in all areas of learning.

The Vision of St. James Catholic School of Morong

We envision to develop morally, socially upright, and competitive Filipino citizens equipped with total quality education and Christian formation in the service of a humane and peaceful society.

The Mission of St. James Catholic School of Morong

Commitment to develop morally, socially upright and globally competitive Filipino citizens.

The Goals of St. James Catholic School of Morong

1. To provide the total Christian formation to the youth by giving them various faith avenues that will develop them to become authentic Catholic/ Christians.
2. To provide a curriculum and instructional facilities that will develop her skills to become globally competitive Filipino citizens.
3. To develop a roster of excellent administrative and faculty members who will continually engage in their holistic development,
4. To foster an environment of social, economic, and political awareness responsive to the changing needs of the society.

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