History of St. Catherine of Siena Academy

St. Catherine of Siena Academy was established in January 1960 by the Rev. Fr. Conrado Ma. Quiambao, with the assistance of Mr. Roman Valenzuela, to become a secondary school where Christian values and discipline are instilled among its students.

From its maiden year of operation, Fr. Quiambao has imprinted into the academy his character, which is synonymous to discipline. SCSA became a school of discipline where students had that rare but exciting experience of learning the game of "hide and seek" with the Fr. Director, who really believed in the teachings of the Books of Proverbs, "The rod of correction gives wisdom but a boy left to his whims disgraces his mother" and "Withold not chastisement from a boy, beat him with the rod, and you will save him from damnation."

In response to the spirit of the times, Fr. Victor C. Tadeo, who succeeded Fr. Quiambao after his death in March 1977, gave freedom to the students only to discover that many of the Catherinians preferred the discipline of the founder.
     The following principals took turns at the helm of SCSA:
     Mrs. Rosalina Magpantay (1967-69),
     Mrs. Josefina Saldaña (1969-71),
     Mr. Arcangel dela Fuente (1971-73),
     Miss Corazon Abella (1973-77),
     Mr. Tomas Carabeo (1977-78),
     Mrs. Felicidad Rubiano (1978-79),
     Mrs. Corazon Atienza (1979-82),
     Mrs. Viviana Magpoc (1982-84)
     and Mrs. Amalia Capili-Ponce (1984 up to the present).

ST. CATHERINE OF SIENA ACADEMY is called by the Diocese of Balanga to widen its vision and share in the threefold purpose ofCatholic Education: to proclaim to the students the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KERYGMA); to enable them to experience fellowship in the life of the Holy Spirit (KOINONIA); and to prepare them to a life of service to the Christian community and the entire human race (DIAKONIA).

It is only by sharing in the total mission of the Church that ST. CATHERINE OF SIENA ACADEMY becomes a true Catholic Educational Institution. As such, its operation and progress deserve to engage the joint participation of families, teachers, and various kinds of cultural, civic, and religious groups in performing a unique and invaluable work for the Church.

Vision of St. Catherine of Siena Academy

By the year 2025, SCSA is recognized as a Catholic Educational Institution where every member is:

Socially and morally responsive and active
Christian fulfilling the mission of the church to evangelize,
Sharing and serving because he has been
Academically, spiritually and emotionally transformed.

Mission of St. Catherine of Siena Academy

Commitment to provide quality Catholic Education that will transform every member or graduate of the educational community into a holistic person living his Christian Faith.

Contact number: (+63)633–0572
Email: scsa_bataan@yahoo.com
Facebook page: Scsa Dsob