History of Holy Rosary Parochial Institute

Since its establishment in 1963 by founder Rt. Rev. Msgr. Emilliano Santos HRPI has been recognized as one of the leading Diocesan Schools of Batan (DSOB).

True to its mission of producing graduates who have contributed to the advancement of the country, HRPI is proud of its alumni have been successful key government officials, influential accountants and businessmen, famous media personalities, innovative education administrators and faculty, expert physicians and nursing leaders, decorated national and professional athletes, cutting edge architects, artists and engineers.

Under the current leadership of Ms. Lilia C. De Guzman, School Principal, along with a dynamic and cohesive team of academic and non-academic managers, the school continuously challenges itself to raise the bar of excellence and bring real learning to its students beyond the four walls of the classroom.


Triple Educational Objectives of Diocesan Schools

1. Academic Excellence
2. Character Information
3. Molding of Students

Vision of the Diocesan Schools of Bataan

We envision each school of the Diocese to be an educational Christian community which integrates the gospel of Jesus Christ into the life of its members and which offers quality education that will fully develop their human potentials.

Mission of the Diocesan Schools of Bataan

1. To provide the total Christian formation of the youth that will lead them to a deeper knowledge and to a closer imitation of the life and mission of Jesus Christ.
2. To provide those various faith experience that will produce Catholics who understand and practice their religion.
3. To provide communal activities that will enable the faculty and the students to become individuals who can lead, relate, and respond to the needs of the community and environment.
4. to provide competent teachers and instructional facilities that will prepare the students academically for their chosen career/vocation.